A-Z Foundation Group, AZ Foundation Group
A-Z Foundation Group "Making A Difference Where It Counts"
A-Z Foundation Group "Making A Difference Where It Counts"

The A-Z Foundation Group is committed to funding California’s local communities that will benefit youth, veteran, special needs, educational, conservation and other local activities. This organization will also significantly support programs that focus on helping our veterans and their families, along with disabled and terminally ill youth, adults, and their families. The organization will also support children’s hospitals and their patients. We also will raise awareness and enlist the public's aid and financial support.

A-Z Foundation Group and its dedicated volunteers host fantastic events throughout California. Be sure to attend an event in your local area and help us.

A-Z Foundation Group "Making A Difference Where It Counts"

Upcoming Events

As we face the changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our number one priority is the safety and well being of our families, communities and all Americans. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we've decided to postpone several events for the health and safety of us all. This pandemic may cause us to continue to postpone or cancel existing banquet dates in the future. We can all beat this virus as we are #americastrong.

May you all continue to remain healthy and safe.

“Your ticket(s) will be held at the door"



Bakersfield  - Postponed to July 11, 2020

Westside Outdoorsman - Postponed to June 13, 2020

June 27th - Tulare County

September 11th - St. Helena

September 17th - Santa Rosa

December 11th - Petaluma

“Triple Raffle”

Napa- Postponed until 2021

Fruit Yard TBA

Clovis (C.V.H.F) TBA

Central Coast - Postponed and is TBA

Livermore - TBA

Alturas - TBA

See your events flyer for ADVANCED PROGRESSIVE RAFFLE PACK information


Past Events

Make a donation

Help us by “Making a Difference Where it Counts”. Your donation will help assist us with our Special Needs program where we intend to get as many Veterans and Special Needs individuals out of the house and off to Disneyland, sporting events, hunting, fishing, or a location special to them. This is where you donation will be best utilized, and you can be assured that your donation will make a difference.


Your company or family may also make a donation in memory of a loved one.

All donations are tax deductible





Rodney Torres


(209) 769-1088





Corporate Address

1350 E. Pacheco Blvd. Ste. B296

Los Banos, CA 93635

Rick Bulloch


(916) 606-7039


Board of Directors

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Contact Us

Corporate Address


       1350 E. Pacheco Blvd. Ste. B296 • Los Banos, CA 93635


   Rodney Torres (209) 769-1088  ~~  Rick Bulloch (916) 606-7039


A-Z Foundation Group Mission Statment

Mission Statement

We believe it’s important to support those in need, children’s hospitals, veterans who’ve served our nation, along with enabling local committees to make a difference in their communities.

A-Z Foundation Group Core Values

Core Values

The A-Z Foundation Group is committed to honoring our Veterans, aid individuals with Special Needs, along with supporting programs that bring Comfort, increase Health and Wellness by providing a variety of unique outdoor activities. A-Z Foundation Group will also be committed to

financially supporting our local communities, other non-profit organizations, and children hospitals.

A-Z Foundation Group Funding Goal

Funding Goal

The A-Z Foundation Group intends to utilize up to eighty percent of our  net funds to support our goals and mission. Fifty-five percent of the net  funds will be designated through the A-Z Foundation Group Special Program that  supports veterans, various local and special needs programs, along with national entities such as Children's Hospitals. Additionally, the A-Z Foundation Group Local Empowerment Program will award committees with twenty-five percent of   their event net proceeds to be used for A-Z Foundation Group approved local projects/activities.

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